Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation 

Although you would like to trust everyone at their word, the fact is that doing so is a recipe for disaster. That is why contracts are one of the foundations of doing business. They give you security and peace of mind. But for a contract to be reliable, it has to be well-constructed. It also needs to be fair to you and your organization, something that can be hard to determine if you don’t have legal training.


Our firm offers assistance with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. As your legal advisor, we are looking out for your best interests. In all of our actions, we are seeking solutions that help you accomplish your goals and protect your business. Whether we are creating a new contract, reviewing a contract that you are considering, or negotiating for terms in your favor, we are always working hard for you.

Some of the the contract services we offer include helping you:

  • Draft Non Disclosure Agreement which is the first step towards initiation of a business relation
  • Draft and negotiate contracts  with your clients and their employees, customers, vendors, partners or any one else with whom they do business.
  • Draft and negotiate contracts between your company and employees, clients, vendors, partners or any one else with whom you do business.
  • Draft a standard contract to use in situations that arise frequently.
  • Draft “pitfall” lists so you know in the future what terms to be aware of or to include in your contracts.

We are skilled negotiators, so you can depend on our team to push hard for the outcome you desire. If a contract does not serve your needs, we will make sure you understand why. With our help, you never have to worry about being surprised by something missed in an agreement.

For further assistance you may contact us.