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Cyber and Technology Laws

We assist business leaders and security executives in the information security industry through technology transactions and solutions. Frauds can't be prevented anymore by shredding documents and locking file cabinets. Our cyber law practice is cutting edge and continuously adapting to the industry.

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Contract Drafting

We assist our clients on their ongoing commercial and corporate requirements through ensuring the establishment of strategically optimized provisions within their business and trading agreements. We provide day-to-day support, guidance and other tools for better negotiating commercial and corporate contracts.

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Business Law

We provide practical legal advice tailored to your priorities, your resources and your risk tolerance philosophy. As our lawyers have extensive experience of working with startups, small and large businesses, no matter how complicated a transaction is, they understand customer service, and they’ll always focus on your business objectives.

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Internet of Things and data privacy

Technology seems to have its inspiration in fiction. A few decades back, many of the devices we saw as science fiction are now part of our daily life.  Now you can direct Google Assistant or Alexa Echo to turn on or off the light or AC as you are living the world of the Internet …

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