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‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’- Mahatma Gandhi

About us

We are  Delhi NCR’s leading Legal Consultancy and Litigation firm. We provide corporate clients a one stop solution for all their Legal, Regulatory and HR requirements; offering a gamut of services. Our teams are a fusion of technology experts and legal consultants, to effectuate a clear and problem identifiable understanding of the situation for initiating an effective solution for the problem under consideration. Our team of highly skilled experts brings with it decades of experience, expertise, and IT industry knowledge in handling clients’ corporate and information technology matters. We counsel corporates, individuals, public and private entities beyond sectors and industries. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and emerging companies to young start-ups. We also advise clients on doing business in foreign countries, and counsel foreign and multi-national companies doing business in the India.

Founder & Senior Lawyer

Fields of Expertise

Our Services

We cater to the diversified domain of:

Legal  Advisory

Intellectual Property Rights

Technology Laws

Statutory & Labour law Compliances.



  • Comprehensive consultation on General, IPR, Immigration and Labour laws with related compliance requirements.


  • Suggested areas of risk and mitigation steps followed by assessment report.
  • Central State and Industry specific compliances.



  • Audit client’s records under all applicable law compliances, as per defined scope.
  • Audit of vendor(s) compliances.


  • Audit activities based on engagement cycle i.e. one time/periodic.
  • Suggest areas of risk/ and mitigation steps.



  • Drafting & review of all kinds of agreements, notices, replies etc.
  • Negotiations on behalf of the Client.


Assistance in creating all kinds of policies and procedures for compliances and operations perspective.



  • Filing , appearing, drafting and pursuing litigations on behalf of the client in all courts, tribunals and forums of original and appellate jurisdiction


  • Managing and International litigations where required.

20 Years Of Experience In Legal Cases Field

We have a long and diversified expereince to assist our clients ranging from businesses to individuals 


Attitude of ‘Client First

Preach what we practice

Volumes do not deter us

Structured Professional Approach

Research based Legal Advisory

I have a legal query

I am a lawyer

Our Team

Meet Our Attorney

Nishant Ahlawat

Corporate, Information Technology and Privacy Lawyer

Vivek K Nasa

Family Lawyer & Patent Attorney

Balbir Singh

Labour and Industrial Compliance Lawyer

Abhik Kumar

Criminal Lawyer

Contact Detail

Practice Area

Data Privacy Law

Financial Law

Intellectual Property Law


Mergers and acquisitions

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