As the world becomes internet strong, people or users are on the grid of all Internet companies. Besides as has been evident from elections across the globe, trends of marketing – aptly, targeted marketing were no different in election canvassing from product promotions of small or big products. Data is the new gold and business woo for it. In today’s times when the reality is that there are no free lunches, the ownership of personal data and its relating privacy laws have become an important corporate and personal right concern. Given that the ticker is shifting towards becoming more vigilant to safeguard data, the past few years have seen a marked rise in privacy legislation. The debate around data privacy has been shaped by factors that range from forces like rising cyber-security threats to ethical considerations like the ownership of personal data and its privacy. With the shift today reflecting on a global scale—all major economies are marching towards having more stringent safeguards on data sharing and storage. Resultantly, corporations and their compliance functions have a challenging task ahead. We assist you in remaining compliant with applicable data privacy legislations by formalizing data privacy policies and making you up to date with latest data privacy law related developments. Connect with us for a detailed discussion.

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